2 Left Feet? Worry not – Get your child to dance their way to one of SportsCool or Total Dance Clubs and improve their fitness… The fact is dancing is great for you, and here’s why….

1. Improve flexibility….
As we “twist and turn” (sorry) our way through routines we are increasing the tension on our joints, tendons and muscles. This is helping our bodies to become more flexible. A good stretch routine is important before exercising.

2. I can make you feel good….
Feeling stressed or tense? Children can too! Then why not “shake it out” with a Total Dance Zumba or Street class! Studies show that dancing, particular in groups or with a partner, are a superb stress reliever.

3. Improved balance….
By moving around in the way that dance demands we are improving our sense of balance, our brain is becoming more conscious of every part of our body and we are able to balance better. This allows us to excel at lots of other sports and for children to build fine motor skills.

4. Move it AND Lose it….
Weight that is! Dancing is a great way to lose weight. Not least because you actually don’t feel like you are doing a tedious drawn out exercise and actually feel like you are enjoying yourself!

5. Social….
Dance Is high energy, fun and, even though you perform as a solo, actually a group effort. It is a great way to socialise, make new friend and create new experiences. Just watch one of our dance sessions and you will see the smiles on everyones face.

6. Boost your memory….
Surprisingly Dancing really helps to boost your memory. When you are memorising those epic routines and piecing elements of the dance together you are giving your memory a great workout!

SportsCool are committed to helping learners reach good levels of fitness, we have an extensive range of ‘movement to music’ classes including Zumba, Cheerleading and Street.

If you are interested in joining some of our Dance sessions then please contact us for information of events in your area.