Hi everyone, Coach Aurie Here! On Wednesday 16th March, seven School teams from across Yorkshire made the journey to Oakbank High School for the latest instalment of tournaments in the area, the Kurling Tournament, to be run by SportsCool.

The tournament was a huge success with all of the teams participating in a closely fought, highly entertaining, fun and competitive New Age Kurling festival! In the end the score was so close that there was only one point separating the team that won and the team that finished in second place.

It’s safe say that ALL seven of the schools that took part can be extremely proud of their pupils; they behaved and represented their school in an impeccable manor. It was clear to see that Sportsmanship in competitive activity isn’t something of the past. As a Coach at SportsCool, it is great to see pupils taking on board the ethos we teach by congratulating other teams on their achievements. Our aim isn’t just to bring back a competitive edge to school sport, but to make sure that it is still played in the proper way. In light of the value we place around sportsmanship, SportsCool are delighted to present the Teamwork Trophy, for the New Age Kurling Tournament to Ingrow Primary School for their efforts on the night.

It was great to see that there was a very high standard of sport played, and, in the end, every team played well enough to win. The award, however, could only go to one team and it is with great pleasure to say that Haworth Primary School won our first ever New Age Kurling Tournament. They worked extremely well as a team, communicated effectively and used great tactics to win. Well-done Haworth!

We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming After School and Holiday Clubs and welcoming you to Oakbank once again for our Tri-Golf and Ultimate Frisbee tournaments in the Summer Term.

If you would like some coaching to help your school compete in these, or other schools competitions or tournaments, then please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

SportsCool would like to thank the continued support and the help that was given on the night. Firstly, from Andrew Sharples – Community Sport Organiser at Oakbank.

We would also like to give a special mention to the Young Ambassadors from Oakbank High School for volunteering in their spare time to help referee one of the kurling lanes.

If you are interested in playing Kurling why not visit http://www.gbkurling.co.uk