Hi, Coach Roger here, I wanted to share a session one of our coaches delivered an outstanding taster session in Street Dance at a school, all in a days work for Coach Amanda, the staff and children were absolutely euphoric and the feedback was incredible. But why?

Everyone Together
The first thing that happened is everyone got involved, this is key, teachers, teaching assistants and learners. Our sessions are designed for all abilities and ages and this is key; Absolute credit to the teachers it really helps the atmosphere when they get involved, all of a sudden everyone becomes equal and there is a team effort.

Feel Good Factor
When the group started to dance the bodies heart rate increased and the release of endorphins started to happen. All of a sudden everyone is feeling good. Let’s be honest we all love to dance and in a group is even better. The endorphins released provide the ‘feel good’ factor but as we continue more and more are released. All of a sudden we feel REALLY good.

A Hidden Gem
This school is new to us and little did we know that in one of our sessions was a selective mute. The young child is very withdrawn socially and has an extremely quiet disposition. Unbeknown to us the child flourished in the session, the child’s Teacher and Support Staff had never seen them so socially active and engaged and that is the ultimate Power of Dance! Societies and communities across the world-developed dance from the moment we could walk, its purpose was to unite the very people that partook in the dance and that is why WE LOVE IT!

If you are interested in introducing your school or community group to dance then why not contact us. Happy Dancing!